My Son and I Composed a Progressive Rock Song Like Something from the 70’s


My 14 year old son somehow received the same curse as I did somewhere along the way.  The curse of music.  It haunts us both.  On the weekends that I have him we immerse ourselves in every kind of music.  It is our love language.

One Saturday a few weeks ago my son said he wanted to record a progressive rock song like something from the 70’s that would be something that Rick Wakeman, ELP, or maybe even Pink Floyd might have done.  So we spent the afternoon and came up with this.  It does get pretty weird at the end, but it should be very authentic in the style of late 70’s progressive rock.  That kind of music is definitely an acquired taste, so I will understand if this is not appreciated by many who may listen.  But it really doesn’t matter.  My son and I had an amazing time of creation, deep discussion and laughter around this, and so now it is something for the ages, even if he and I are the only two to ever appreciate it!

I should mention that he is a killer guitarist and played all of the guitar parts…