Déjà Vu, Synchronicity and Twin Flames

Twin FLame

Here are some concepts that have been really stretching me lately:  déjà vu, synchronicity and twin-flames.

I have done a number of extremely diverse things in my life, and have re-invented myself on a few occasions.  One of the things I have done professionally is to be involved in the hard sciences.  Chemistry, physics, materials science and computer science are areas I have worked in professionally.  I worked for many years at a highly regarded laboratory as a principal scientist in the area of exotic materials.  In my years of working in the scientific fields, I developed a rather cynical view of intangible concepts.  I became very terse and disengaged from any and all things spiritual or supernatural.  I was thrilled with discovery, and pushing the envelope of human understanding, but I was very limited in my view of what was possible beyond what could be measured or theorized.  If we could theorize it as being possible, then even if we hadn’t achieved it, I was driven to push physics and chemistry to reach the calculable limits.  That drive allowed me to receive scientific patents for things that had never been done before, but things that COULD be done without conflicting with the laws of nature.  The ironic thing is, that in constricting my thought sphere to only what we could theorize as possible, I had actually limited myself to a very small realm of possibilities.

Enter déjà vu.  All of my life I have had extraordinary experiences with déjà vu.  Even during the period of my life where I limited my world view to the natural.  Sometimes these moments were so vivid that I knew exactly what was about to unfold before me, and those moments would last from a few seconds up to a minute or two. I knew what was going to happen in extraordinary detail.   I never knew very far into the future, but I still knew.  I am aware that some describe the feeling of déjà vu as having experienced an exact sequence of events at some earlier time in their life, or that they had previously dreamed about a thing that just happened.  For me the sense of having had a pre-dream has also occurred, but my experience, more often than not, is that I have short-lived moments of the ability to observe the future for seconds before it happens.  I am not sure this is that useful of an ability, because I am always so stunned when it does happen that by the time I could ever explain that it was happening, the moment has already passed.  I know that there are hard scientific explanations for the timing between the left and right hemispheres of the brain getting slightly out of sync, fooling the experiencer into feeling like this is a real thing.  However, the experience itself is so powerful it defies even plausible scientific explanation.

According to Wikipedia, synchronicity is the experience of two or more events which occur in a meaningful manner, but which are causally unrelated. In order to be synchronous, the events must be related to one another conceptually, and the chance that they would occur together by random chance must be very small. Carl Jung coined the word “synchronicity” to describe what he called “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events.”

Regarding synchronicity, I have had an unbelievable dance with this phenomenon for most of my life.  This one is a little different for me than déjà vu though.  It comes in waves.  There are periods of time, sometimes very long ones, where an uncanny number of synchronistic events occur.  For example, I’ll hear a song I haven’t heard in 20 years play 5 times over a 2 day period.  Or I’ll hear an odd word or saying, and then read it in the paper, and then see it on the news.  Or, I will randomly think of an ugly car from the 70’s, the AMC Pacer, and then I will see two of them that very day in completely unrelated contexts.  This will go on for months.  Then, inexplicably, they cease for very long periods of time.  I have made a very interesting personal observation with respect to synchronistic happenings.  The waves of them usually correspond to big life changes.  They often precede the life change, persist during, and continue for a reasonable time after.  Until recently I have never had the presence of mind to pay attention to what the synchronistic event was about,  I just noticed that they were happening.  I am now beginning to realize that there may be some important information in exactly what the subject matter is for the synchronistic event.  I will begin documenting them from now on to see if there isn’t some extra-natural encoding occurring.

Having dealt heavily with statistics, probabilities, confidence intervals, and correlation coefficients in my scientific career, understanding the probability of an occurrence being real and significant is a lynchpin of experimental science.  When I have pondered the odds of synchronistic events occurring randomly, they are usually very large against, if not astronomical.  But even if I were to allow for occasional random coincidence, I cannot account for the sheer volume of these types of events, much less their periodic behavior (at least in my personal experience).  Carl Jung was a scientist and the founder of analytical psychology.  He was a medical doctor and psychiatrist, among other things, and he surely had a grasp of probability theory.  He understood that the notion of synchronicity did not conform to the stringent confines of the natural laws.  I am no Carl Jung, but I must agree that these things occur in contradiction to the scope of understanding within the modern hard sciences.

Now for the fun part! Twin flames.  The philosopher Plato espoused that man is a half of one soul that is split apart from an original ovoid.  Each half that is split apart is a twin or “twin flame” of the other half, sharing many of the same personality traits, characteristics, and preferences.  Each half is a duplicate of the other, and as they take form, one assumes the masculine and the other the feminine.   Every person has a unique pattern and no other soul in the universe can merge perfectly with that pattern except for one’s twin flame.  Many people spend a whole lifetime searching for their other half, and when twin flames unite there is a magnification of the soul’s potential and power of creativity that cannot be achieved with any other person.  Plato also warned of the difficulties the reunion can bring. Often the magnetism and similarities are so overwhelming that the souls cannot emotionally handle the union.

Ok, this all sounds very unicorns and rainbows at first glance.  Most of my life I would have dismissed this as a lot of nonsense.  There are a lot of extra-natural notions at play here.  All of which have no foundation in repeatable and rigorous science.  So why then do I bring it up?   Because I now believe it.   I believe I have met mine.  The feeling associated with it is so difficult to describe, and there is absolutely zero scientific method available that could be used to prove it, and yet I believe it to be the case.  I am sure that there are many people, far too many to attribute to random occurrence, that can describe exactly the same feeling I have experienced.  I would venture to say that many people who read this will agree, even if they haven’t met theirs.  There is an innate sense of it. Something our subconscious knows much better than our waking one.

It would be tempting to say in all of these things it is simply a matter of faith.  According to the christian bible, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen.”  But what I am talking about is not faith at all, it is experiential.  As a hard scientist for a good portion of my professional life, I did not make much room for faith.  Even now, it isn’t faith that propels me in accepting these ideas.  It is experience.  I have experienced synchronicity, I have experienced déjà vu, and I have experienced meeting my twin flame.  I am not discounting faith, so please don’t get angry with me.  I am just not referring to faith in this context.  I don’t have to see air to experience that is fills my lungs and delivers to me life giving oxygen.  Some will use the air argument as an argument for faith… “You can’t see it, but you know it is there!” But it isn’t faith.  It is experience.

The experiences that I am having now, and have had throughout my life, are real and can’t be disproven to me.  They can’t be disproven simply for the reason that I actually experienced them.  It isn’t a matter of repeatable experimentation either.  I can’t make myself have déjà vu or synchronicity so that I can measure and formulate algorithms that describe their properties and behavior.  They are not on demand, at least not for me.  Yet I continue to experience them, and I expect I will for my time remaining here.  So in all of this, I am being stretched to accept that it is impossible for hard science to encapsulate all of what actually is.  For me to only allow what hard science would allow would force me to be in direct conflict with my experiences.  This would actually cause a psychosis, of sorts, because these experiences would have to all then be categorized as delusional and unreal.  So, either I, and many or most others, are NOT sane and the boundaries of hard science ARE the absolute limits of reality, or, they AREN’T and we are all fine.  With those as the only  logical choices, I prefer to accept the latter.


25 thoughts on “Déjà Vu, Synchronicity and Twin Flames

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post! And now would like to share a synchronicity I had related to your earlier post, “I Composed This Instrumental.”
    I listened to the music and titled it “Homecoming.” 5 minutes later I spontaneously, randomly pulled a notebook from the bottom of a bin filled with my writing. There on the first page was a poem I had written in 2003 titled, “Homecoming.” This utterly surprised & fascinated me. I hadn’t even remembered writing it. That’s synchronicity!

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  2. These are the thoughts that are quite fun to ponder these days ~ and with science (in the realm of physics especially) the understanding the physical world is composed of energy makes these experiences logical, if not statistically likely 🙂 Great post!

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  3. I always think, I’ll remember that (synchronicity) and I do remember that it happened, but not the details of what happened. So, right before reading that you plan to document these things, I thought: I really should write them down every time. I’m reminded of that quote about the universe being full of magical things waiting for our wits to grow sharper. Fascinating stuff. Thanks for the follow!

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  4. Great post about these subjects! It’s great to see someone with a scientific background who is open to these ideas and experiences. Some just can’t be denied, although people will still try to explain them away…

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  5. You are so right abour synchronicity. Last week out of nowhere, i heard a song that popular 10years ago, start to playing anywhere and everywhere i go. There’s also about timing, the last time while i’m driving, the radio played it at 11.01pm. Numerology. But i don’t get the special message into mylife until now.

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  6. I had someone take a photo of me standing in front of a large poster for H&M. A woman looked down and to the left, and I emulated that, standing in front of the poster. I used that as my profile picture for a year before changing it this January. I met a woman in January on Facebook and got to know her fairly well. She was, among other things, a print model. Yep, you guessed it. In late March I changed my profile picture back, and she sent me a message in shock. I said “you’re kidding me… The woman I’m standing in front of is you?!?!”
    She answered “Yes!!!!!! ”

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  7. I have had so many experiences of synchronicity in my life–especially once I made the decision to be guided by my intuition. At the time i didn’t even know the name for it, but after making a huge life change guided by a dream, I made a list of twenty things I wanted to investigate that I had never had time to fully understand. The list included artists, art movements, Carl Jung, dreams and many other concepts. I went to a library and found a book that dealt with the first item in my list. I sat at a table and read for a half hour or so before a man sitting at the same table got up and left. I remember thinking how rude it was that he’d left the stack of books he’d been reading without putting them away. Then I happened to glance at one of the titles. It was “Man and his Symbols,” the Jung book I’d wanted to read. Then I looked at the rest of the titles in the stack. Every one of them was on one of the topics on my list. As implausible as this sounds, it was true. I pulled the stack over and read for the rest of the day. Some of the books in that pile have changed my life and continue to guide me to this very day. I have many other experiences with synchronicity –some of which t I have written about on my blog. I read your post with great interest. One of the subjects on my list that I have never fully come to understand is quantum physics, but some things I have read and I believe comprehended, seem to give scientific credence to ESP and synchronicity–at least in theory.

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  8. You are awesome! Thank you for being open and aware…willing to set your scientific brain on the back burner. I have always wanted to meet someone like you! Nice meeting you!

    I blog a LOT about synchronicity, in Branching Out. I feel and believe, it is our ‘new normal’. The more you pay attention to synchronicity, the more ”normal” it will become for you, as a ‘new way of life’. You begin looking for the next synchronistic step in life.

    A slew of ‘synchronisities’ recently guided me west, across the US. I also blogged about that experience in Branching Out.

    As for Faith…. I blog about that also. Is it ‘Faith’ or is it a ‘Knowing’? Crazy, huh?

    Keep yourself open minded & open hearted and enjoy the exploration your new world. It is unlike anything you could ever imagine. Eventually, science will ‘catch up’ and be able to ‘prove’ what we already ‘know’.

    And by the way…Isuckatmarriagealso.

    Thank you for your post, it was wonderful and exciting!
    Oh, and thanx for finding and following me. I will greatly follow you back.

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    1. Thank you Ren! I know a Ren! She is an actress. I love what you said. It is really great to get the kind of positive response to this notion of synchronicity. I think we are on a cusp of awakening as a species. At least, I hope we are!

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      1. You are quite welcome. I am a firm believer…..no….
        I live my life by synchronicity. It has become my ‘New Normal’.

        You know a Ren, who is female?
        I thought I was the only female Ren.
        Most people assoc. Ren with male gender.

        Yes, I agree strongly with your awakening thought. I know we are!

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  9. I agree with you Synchronicity happens without us being conscious of it but when we become more aware, we realise what the universe is trying to tell us. Spirituality is also personal, you can be a spiritual person without being religious. Thanks also for the ‘like’ and ‘follow’ on my blog. I llook forward to seeing more of yours. Apologies for my delayed response, been quite busy but enjoying get back into the blogging world! Peace and blessings! 🙂


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