Sex and the City Should be Required Watching for All Men!


Ok, I know this one is going to get me in trouble with somebody, or maybe many bodies… who knows?.  Most men will disagree right off the bat, but I hope they will at least hear me out.  Most progressive women will likely agree, but the rigid fundamentalists, yeah… not so much.

A while back, my closest friend in the universe, which happens to be a woman, asked me if I had ever watched Sex and the City (SATC).  That caught me a little off guard.  Why on earth would I have ever watched that show?  It is for and about women, and I have never even had the slightest urge for a cosmopolitan.  Let me stop for the men that might have actually gotten this far, I mean the drink, not the magazine.  When you watch, and you will, you’ll get it.

This friend of mine knows me so well, that she has never once given me bad advice on a movie, book, show or music.  In fact, she has nailed it every time.  So, when she recommended it, I had no choice.  My curiosity was piqued.

I know that there are men that have watched the show in a pornographic way to see Samantha (Kim Cattrall) bear it all, which she does many times throughout the series, as do they all except for Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker).  But, that is not at all my reason for encouraging men to watch it.

So here is the deal.  As I began to watch, I was floored at the way they dealt with women’s topics.  Everything from the heartache of breakups and the struggle for women in their 30’s to juggle careers, dating, relationships, friendships, babies, living alone or cohabitating, to the first time they fart in front of their lover.  When I began watching, I could not stop.  I have binged watched more episodes of that show in a row than I ever have of Lost, Stranger Things, or even Battle Star Galactica! (watch Portlandia Sketch on BSG binging).

The show is indeed hilarious, but its humor is leveraged off of its brutal honesty about women’s issues.  Men, here is the power of that show for us.  If this show is as honest as it appears to be, then we don’t have a freaking clue in general about what and how women think.  I have never had gender identity issues, but I have always wondered what it would be like to think like a woman.  Well, bonus! SATC does that for me!  It gives me a window into how women perceive men, and how men unwittingly can become King Asshole of the Universe!  It will scare you guys, it will, but it will also offer you many lightbulb moments.

I have to say that admittedly I do like men  in general a lot less after watching this show.  We are so… stereotypical.  I mean that statistically more than specifically.  The show illustrates how guys can be just gross, clueless, self absorbed jerks.  I don’t mean to suggest that women are incapable of being Queen Bitch of the Universe, but that isn’t the point of my recommendation.  Please, guys, if we will just take a second to see ourselves as women do, we might really be able to discover what we can easily change that will make life better for the women we are with or hope to be with, and subsequently ourselves.

Watch the show and please get back with me to tell me how right I was!


2 thoughts on “Sex and the City Should be Required Watching for All Men!

  1. Okay, sorry, I’m not a guy – but I commend you for recommending Sex and the City as a “must watch” for guys! This has been my favorite show for so long, and I do agree with you that it might give some guys a little more insight into women. With that said, I’ve always been a little envious of the group of “best girlfriends” and also Carrie’s dream job and her apartment! In my experience, finding a group of women who are really there for each other like that is so, so rare!!

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    1. Yes, I know they portrayed a rare type of friendship, but that was an important device I think to give so many different perspectives of women’s experiences.

      I am afraid that sadly, a majority of men will not will not be watching this show.

      Thank you for reading and for your thoughtful comment!

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